• Targeted strategy development for foundations and businesses to further CSR/ESG, philanthropy, nonprofit advocacy and other program, policy or investment objectives in Latin America and other markets, across every vertical.
  • Help assess opportunities and risks for organizations as they prepare to introduce their programming or business activity in Latin America (and other markets)—or to enhance their existing impact in those countries.
  • Create partnerships between foundation/corporate executives and strategic stakeholders, including high-level national and local policy makers, vetted local nonprofits, embassies, multilaterals, think tanks, business alliance partners and media outlets in Latin America and other countries to promote institutional goals.
  • Advise foundations and companies on sources of funding for Latin America and international investments and programs.
  • Analyze operations or policy objectives in legislative and regulatory contexts and synthesize policy documents for internal and external customers.
  • Available as a seasoned, multilingual speaker/spokesperson moderator for organizations at public outreach events.